WATCH: Travis Barker Discusses His Dark Times Following 2008 Plane Crash

Travis Barker sat down for his first in-depth television interview following the deadly plane crash.

The drummer is lucky to be alive after the chartered plane he was riding in crashed after takeoff in Columbia, South Carolina in 2008. Now, the drummer is opening up about the dark times following the accident.

“The plane’s on fire, my hands are on fire, I unbuckle my seatbelt, and I jump into the jet, which holds all the fuel. I basically ignite my whole body…”

Barker, 39, opened up to Good Morning America about the crash which caused burns over 65% of his body, and led to months and months of recovery.

“I’m soaked in jet fuel, there’s nothing I can do to put the fire out. And then we realize, we’re out of the plane, and the plane explodes. And then I stayed in burn centers for like the next four months,” he recalled.

Barker also talked about having suicidal thoughts after the crash, saying he would even call friends and offer them a million dollars if they’d come to the hospital and take his life.

He got emotional when talking about how his children pulled him out of his dark time. “It was hard for them to see me in the state that I was in,” he said, saying his son Landon would draw pictures of plane crashes in class.

Travis hasn’t gotten in a plane since that night, but says he’d make an exception for his kids. “I tell my children, ‘When you’re ready to fly, I’m ready to fly,'” he says.

Watch Travis Barker’s entire emotional interview above.