Drew Barrymore Would Rather Have Her Kids Than a Perfect Bikini Body

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Drew Barrymore’s got a lot to say about her life...

Drew Barrymore talks all-things mom-bod.

The actress sat down with People and opened up about her experience having kids and not feeling the need to get back into perfect shape as soon as possible.

“I never looked good in a bathing suit, so now I look worse in a bathing suit,” she tells the publication. “I have cellulite. But I would much rather have my kids and look a little worse in a bathing suit!”

The 40-year-old has two little ones at home– Frankie, 18 months, and Olive, 3, and even with her hectic schedule she finds time to stay active, whether it’s getting on the elliptical or kickboxing, but says it’s for her mental health more than anything.

“It just isn’t at the forefront of my mind,” she says “I took my pants off last night and looked at the back of my legs and was like, ‘Oh fuck, seriously? This is… God!’” the actress joked.

Things weren’t easy in the beginning, though. Drew says at first, she did feel self-conscious about her weight. “I tried to go gluten-free because I thought it would help me lose weight. It did no such thing. And I was just unhappy,” she says.

“Having a hot body is just not my thing. I care a little, I don’t care a lot,” she admitted, also adding that her husband Will Kopelman has been a huge support to her along the way. “I think that’s really important for women to have someone who really makes you feel good about yourself because that would be a giant disadvantage to your process of making babies or just being a woman in general to have someone make you feel like you had to be a certain way to turn them on or to be beautiful in their eyes,” she said.