WATCH: And Now, a Fetty Wap Goldfish Funeral

TSwift x Fetty
She's his Trap Queen for a day.

Why give a goldfish a regular ass goodbye when you can celebrate its life with the gift of Fetty Wap?

A sad little girl is making waves on YouTube this week thanks to her big sister Jazmyne, who recorded the funeral proceedings for Nemo the goldfish. While it’s unknown how Nemo’s life came to an end, the bigger takeaway from the whole ordeal is how these sisters bid adieu to the little goldfish that could (and then couldn’t).

According to Jazmyne, Fetty’s “679” is the goldfish’s favorite song. So before Nemo joined the rest of the dead goldfishes in Toilet Water Nation, the track’s famous hook was performed one more time.

BRB going to cry and listen to Fetty Wap for the rest of the day.

[h/t MTV]