WATCH: Drake Dancing in Agent Cooper’s Dream Is the Only ‘Hotline Bling’ Mashup That Matters

Hotline Bling-Gate?
Did Drake steal something?

Damn, that’s good dancing (?).

By now, your brain has been rotting away thanks to all the (mostly) terrible mashups of Drake dancing to a song that’s not “Hotline Bling.” OK fine. The tennis one is brilliant and is the best one we’ve seen… until now.

YouTube extraordinaire Thomas Mahady has combined the magical dance moves of Aubrey Graham with the beautiful and creepy red room from Twin Peaks. You know, the room Agent Cooper visits in his dream while staying at the Black Lodge. The room with the patterned floors, The Man from Another Place, and of course, Laura Palmer.

While it’s quite possible you’ll have a dream of The Man tonight because that’s just how powerful Twin Peaks is, give yourself a few minutes and watch the brilliant mashup, below.

[h/t Mashable]