This Is How Mark Wahlberg Keeps His Marriage Hot and Fresh

NKOTB x Marky Mark
Best. Reunion. Ever.

Mark Wahlberg’s wife is very lucky.

The 44-year-old actor and model Rhea Durham recently celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary. They’ve been in a relationship since 2001 and are proud parents to four children: sons Michael and Brendan and daughters Ella and Grace. Unlike some people in Hollywood, Walhberg and Durham are very much still together.

So, what’s the secret, Marky Mark?

“She just wants me fixing things,” Wahlberg told Ellen DeGeneres in an episode of Ellen airing today (Oct. 22).

“Wear a wife beater around the house, walk around with a hammer or screwdriver. Like, I’m going to fix the door or fix the garage… the handyman.”

In case you’re unable to use your imagination, here’s what Wahlberg looks like in a wife beater.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Ted star goes into detail about his extremely strict schedule that starts earlier than the crack of dawn: 3 a.m.

Wahlberg’s morning routine includes an egg white and avocado breakfast (among other healthy items you will never eat), a workout in the home gym, a shake, prep for food-to-go (salad, turkey burger, sweet potato) and a couple hours at the golf course.

All this happens before 8 a.m., around the same time his wife drops off their kids at school.

“We have our little alone time, and then I do whatever else I’ve gotta do. And then I go to bed by seven.”

Makes sense, Marky Mark. I mean, have you seen his body?

Watch the Ellen interview, here.


Then check out the new trailer for Wahlberg’s next film, Daddy’s Home, with Will Ferrell and Linda Cardellini, below.