Carrie Underwood Says ‘American Idol’ Was the ‘Most Horrifying Thing’

But not in the way you might think.

American Idol may have made Carrie Underwood famous, but she says it was “horrifying”. In interview with Parade, the country crooner admitted that her experience was scary because she was so out of her element.

Idol was probably the most horrifying thing because I had never been away from my hometown like that before. I was in L.A., of all places, by myself, putting myself out there, which is a scary thing for anybody to do. My first plane ride was when I was going out to L.A. alone.

Now, not only is she a Grammy winner, but she’s performing to sold-out arenas. But, the singer admits there was a moment when she didn’t even think she’d sing full-time.

I always kept in my head, if nothing else ever comes of this, I got to do the coolest thing ever and I won American Idol. I was like, OK, I will just have fun with this and save up as much money as I can and finish school and get a real job because I am always a practical thinker and would never allow myself to think it would turn out OK all the time.

It definitely all turned out better than OK. After winning the American Idol in 2005, she shot to fame when her first single “Inside Your Heaven” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She also married her hockey player husband Mike Fisher, and had an adorable baby boy named Isaiah.

My boys…checking out the world through the bus window.

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