WATCH: Mila Kunis Says She’d Do Something Crazy For Her Daughter

Now that’s a devoted mom.

Although baby Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher is only a year old, her mom Mila Kunis would gladly help bury her daughter’s murder victim. Aww, how sweet!

The new mom sat down with Business Insider to talk about just how far she’d go for her child. “I think if she killed someone, I would literally be like, ‘I got it. Where do you want me to help you bury the body?’ Like, I wouldn’t even question it, and I can’t say that about anybody else in my life,” the actress said.

“Everything’s different, from the fact that you are happy when you get six hours of sleep, to the idea of being responsible for this incredible living, breathing little human being that you can’t believe is yours.”

Right now, Mila says baby Wyatt goes with her everywhere, and says she feels very lucky that she gets to work from home. “I’ve never left her for more than 24 hours,” Kunis says, adding that as soon as she’s done with her current 12-hour trip, she can’t wait to get home to see her.

Mila says she’s definitely going to have more kids, just not ASAP. “Not today, I’m not pregnant, but yeah, absolutely. For sure,” she said.

Watch the clip above to see how far Mila would go for her toddler!