Travis Barker Backtracks on Rita Ora Relationship, Says He’s Not Dating Her

Travis Barker Calls Rita Ora 'Stunning' and 'Hot'
This is what the Blink-182 drummer thinks of his supposed gal pal.

Was this all for publicity then?

Travis Barker, who has been telling the press just how “stunning” and “hot” supposed girlfriend Rita Ora is while promoting his new book, is now singing a whole different tune.

When host Larry King recently asked the Blink-182 drummer about the alleged relationship on his show Larry King Now, Barker flat out denied that he’s romantically involved with Ora. Oof.

“Uh, she’s actually just a friend,” he said.

When King pressed further, Barker began to drop hints that they’re more likely to be hooking up than actually dating.

“We’re just enjoying each other, you know,” he explained. “She’s awesome. I met her a couple weeks ago at a performance I did at Power 106, and we’ve just been friends ever since.”

Previously, Barker, 39, revealed that he bonded with Ora, 24, over their shared love of music.

“We actually, we share a lot of the same tastes in music. Little did I know she likes punk rock a lot,” he told E! News while attending an event at Los Angeles’ Knotts Farm. “I love that. I was raised on it, you know.”