Lamar Odom Had 12 Strokes Before Being Found Unconscious

Lamar Odom Has Security 24/7
The former basketball player reportedly has around the clock security in the hospital.

The latest update on Lamar Odom’s medical condition comes courtesy of TMZ, who is reporting that the former professional basketball player experienced a dozen strokes as part of the medical crisis that left him unconscious in a brothel in Las Vegas.

According to the news outlet, these strokes did not directly impair his major organs. However, they did affect his motor skills, including being able to communicate and his mobility.

It’s not yet clear at the moment how much of these skills Lamar will be able to recover.

At the moment, however, the most crucial health issue Odom faces is his kidneys. They have failed, leaving the former Laker on dialysis and in possible need of a transplant.

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