Celebrate Katy Perry’s 31st Birthday With Her Prismatic Wardrobe

Katy Perry really is all the colors of the rainbow these days.

Today (Oct. 25), the singer is turning the big 3-1. In honor of her big day, we’re taking a look at how Katy has boldly turned to bright colors for her wardrobe, on and off the Prismatic World Tour, which just wrapped after a whopping six legs and 151 shows.

If you’ve ever seen Katy in concert you know she goes all out with set pieces, visuals, costumes, wigs, and everything else under the sun. She never fails to vibrantly take it all to the next level.

Each show consisted of 13 costume changes and seven different colorful wigs. Rolling Stone called it a “loud, garish, camp and never less than uproariously entertaining show” and “a show to damage retinas and blow minds,” which sounds right up our alley.

That’s not all. Katy’s concerts included 71 appearances from animals ranging from cats, a tarantula, a horse, and a tiger. She surprised the crowd by literally suspending over them on a balloon ride while she sang the song “Birthday.” She also had laser beams, smoke, confetti, and an alien abduction during “E.T.” She brought fans on stage at each night and even ordered a pizza for one lucky Katy Cat. Can you imagine Katy Perry personally ordering you a pizza?

“I’m very proud of it, and it’s an amazing show full of a lot of the songs people are familiar with, because I  know that it’s always very important when going on tour is to sing the songs that people have made memories to,” Katy told Ryan Seacrest in an interview earlier this year.

“I created like seven different worlds. There’s so many different costumes and things to look at and wonderful remixes.”

Launch the gallery, above, for more photos of Katy Perry’s colorful style.