WATCH: ‘Business Partners’ Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Announce ‘Future Now’ Tour

From Camp Rock to Future Now.

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are heading into 2016 with an exciting new tour in the works.

The pop stars officially announced their Future Now tour on Good Morning America this morning (Oct. 26), after news broke over the weekend that Lovato had replaced or switched out Adam Lambert with Jonas.

(Both Lambert and Lovato clarified afterwards that there was “no beef” between them).

Jonas explained on GMA, “Demi and I, we’re business partners. Obviously have a long history of being friends. But the key for us was about living in this moment. Taking a step out individually over the last year and a half, two years, growing with our fans, and saying if there’s ever a time to do it, it’s now, to come together and do this tour.”

Lovato added, “I hope we have an incredible time. Not only that, but that our fans enjoy it. That’s the most important thing.”

Good for them two.

The both took to Twitter to share more details on their tour, such as a link to dates and locations:

See more information here and watch their interview above to hear them discuss their record label and other projects.