Jared Leto Says He Took a ‘Pretty Deep Dive’ for His New Role as the Joker

Who’s excited for Suicide Squad?

Thanks to Empire magazine, we now have a closer look at Jared Leto’s highly anticipated upcoming role as the Joker in Suicide Squad.

According to ComicBookMovie.com, Jared gives the magazine new details about what it was like transforming into the iconic character in the publication’s upcoming issue.

“There was definitely a period of … detachment,” the actor said. Jared took a method acting approach when taking on the new role, even sending a rat, a dead hog and bullets to members of the cast while they were shooting the movie. “I took a pretty deep dive. But this was a unique opportunity and I couldn’t imagine doing it another way. It was fun, playing those psychological games. But at the same time it was very painful, like giving birth out of my prick hole.”

“I always get the sense that the Joker may be much older than people think. It’s something different. If you don’t break rules, you’re not going to strike new ground. I think I’ll be cooling down for the rest of my life,” he said.

The magazine also gives a first look at the Joker’s full costume, consisting of a long purple trench coat, a cane and baggy blue pants.

Empire Magazine The Joker
CREDIT: Empire magazine