WATCH: Gwen Stefani’s Emotional Performance of ‘Used to Love You’ on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

The punk queen is back.

Gwen Stefani’s “Used to Love You” made its television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, Oct. 26. Stefani sings, “You know I was the best thing that ever happened to you”, clad in her signature rocker attire, complete with blue-tipped hair. Ellen DeGeneres reveals that her first glimpse of the break-up track’s music video took place in Stefani’s bathroom—a casual humblebrag only capable of daytime’s favorite host.

Stefani and former husband Gavin Rossdale recently settled their divorce with a joint custody agreement over their three children. Though a 50/50 split, TMZ reports that Rossdale will care for them more often than Stefani due to her touring schedule. Rossdale allegedly agreed to take less than his 50% share of community property as entitled by California law.

Watch Gwen Stefani’s emotional performance of “Used to Love You” in the video featured at the top of the page!