WATCH: Justin Bieber and Skrillex Discuss Artistic Collaboration While Riding Hoverboards

Just as the Renaissance greats had envisioned such discussions.

Justin Bieber and Skrillex are so mind-blown by their collaboration for “Sorry”, the first single released from Bieber’s upcoming album Purpose, that its impact can only be cognized while dueling on hoverboards.

“Like, working with Justin, I thought was like,” Skrillex begins as Bieber collides into him from behind. “Honestly, every single thing was so good it was hard to figure out where to go because every pass he would do would be something different.”

Bieber says of Skrillex, “Working with this guy is like, it’s easy, because he just cares so much.”


And just when Skrillex is about to reach metaphysical levels of self-awareness, Bieb throws in this bit of Inception.


Watch Justin Bieber’s acoustic performance of “Sorry” in the video featured at the top of the page, with a yeaAaAh-off at the 3:50 mark.