Ashley Tisdale Just Launched a T-Shirt Line

Ashley Is "Haute"
Welcome to The Haute Mess.

Ashley Tisdale is serious about fashion.

Many of us first knew her as The Tipton Hotel’s candy counter girl Maddy Fitzpatrick, or the fabulous East High drama club president Sharpay Evans, but Ashley just debuted her first t-shirt collection with Los Angeles based graphic t-shirt company Signorelli.

All of Signorelli’s tees are made in the U.S. and are garment washed and dyed. This high quality brand just launched their Spring 2016 collection where Tisdale got to work with brand designer Meredith Garrett to add her own style.

“A lot of the line is travel themed along with the girl boss theme and honestly all of them are pretty much my favorites,” Ashley told Celebuzz at a preview event at The London Hotel in New York City last week.

“T-shirts are such a staple in my everyday life and I love that you can make them casual or choose to dress them up.”

The collection includes a number of stylish t-shirts reading spunky one-liners like “Rosé Parté” and “Life Is Short Buy The Shoes.” The line also includes cute graphic tees that remain on the comfort color scale.

“We incorporated muted tones because they can be mixed and matched easily with anything and they blend well with all different colors and prints,” according to Ashley.

She also enlightened us about the creation of these pieces: “This is my first clothing line and it’s been amazing. It was such an organic and natural collaboration with Meredith. We were on the exact same wavelength, we love the same things, and we totally got each other.”

The exciting news about Signorelli is that in Fall 2016, the company will expand to a full apparel line that will include sportswear, leather jackets, dresses, woven sweaters, and so much more. The brand is really taking off and is carried in Nordstrom’s, online at, and soon to be in Bloomingdales.

“The expansion of the line is exactly what we wanted to do,” Ashley told us. “It’s so exciting because I have been wanting to do this for so long and it’s cool to have your own ideas and then see them printed to the line. I was a big fan of Signorelli to begin with, so it’s really awesome to be able to be creative with them.”