Beyoncé to Face Off Against Channing Tatum on ‘Lip Sync Battle,’ Shares Nicki Minaj Tribute

Bey X Tidal
10 signs you're Queen Bey at the TIdal X 1020 event.

We may be in the midst of Hurricane Adele, but there’s at least one other pop culture weather event to prepare for: Tropical Storm Beyoncé.

Today (Oct. 27), the internet brings us two prime selections of Queen Bey news. First, it was announced last night that Beyoncé will face off against Channing Tatum on SpikeTV’s Lip Sync Battle, the ratings hit that brings you celebrities pretending to sing your favorite songs. No other details were given — only that it will air sometime in 2016 — but, and no offense Mr. Tatum, our money’s on Bey taking the crown. She has had some experience in this area, after all.

If Bey needs help selecting a song to pretend to sing, might we suggest Prince’s “Darling Nikki“? In fact, Bey just worked her magic on the classic, changing the lyrics in dedication to her good friend and collaborator, Nicki Minaj. Watch below and mourn your subpar friendships.

It was one of two videos Bey uploaded to her official YouTube channel in an effort to promote Tidal’s exclusive streaming of their performance at the TIDAL X 1020 concert, which took place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Oct. 20. The other video features Bey and Nicki rehearsing their “ice grill” stare before their performance of “Feeling Myself” at that very event.

Bey and Nicki: no offense to certain other famous #squads out there, but these two are what we all really aspire to. Hashtag goals. Hashtag blessed. Hashtag buy “Feeling Myself” on iTunes Amazon.