Jason Sudeikis Gets in Touch with His Inner Bro on ‘Billy on the Street’


Jason Sudeikis can play a pretty convincing bro. On this week’s episode of Billy on the Street, he, Billy ‘Big Bill’ Eichner and a band of brothers, if you will, parade the streets of New York doing what the show does best: asking unsuspecting pedestrians random trivia questions and rewarding them with a dollar if their answer is up to snuff.

This week’s subject moved from whether Aladdin or Wicked was a better musical to “We good, bro?” to which character on VEEP they’d most like to sleep with.

The bros also discussed whether or not masculinity is a prison, and their answer might surprise you.

The episode ends with some brotastic tailgating (complete with tossing a frisbee with Idina Menzel’s face on it) before seeing a performance of Wicked on Broadway.

Watch the clip above to see Jason and Billy bro out together!