Adele Reportedly in Talks With Apple for $30 Million World Tour Sponsorship

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Start saving your pennies; rumor has it Adele is in talks to hit the road in 2016.

Yes, that’s right, The Comeback Queen — whose hotly-anticipated new album is basically already the biggest thing to happen to music in years — is apparently trying to nail down tour plans.

According to The New York Post, Adele’s camp is pitching a staggering $30 million tour sponsorship to Apple, the company that makes your phones, laptops, tablets, watches, and every other technological gadget that causes you to salivate. (Apple is to technology what Adele is to music. Where’s the lie?)

Also a negotiating point: Adele’s team is trying to get Apple to sell copies of 25 in their retail stores, because Adele really needs help getting her music out there. Just kidding. But still, it will be convenient for you when you stop in to pick your mom up an Apple Watch for Christmas, for you can just throw a copy of 25 in as a stocking stuffer.

Adele last toured in support of 2011’s blockbuster 21, but she canceled many dates due to a vocal chord hemorrhage. Assuming that she does, in fact, end up touring next year, expect both ticket prices and demand to be very, very high. Because, seriously, people f***ing love Adele.

The article also reveals that 25 will apparently only be available to purchase for a period of time before eventually making its way to streaming services like Spotify. So if you were wondering whether you should get your pre-order in, stop what you’re doing and click “buy.”


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