Please Enjoy This Video of a Baby Playing with Pug Puppies

Good Pug Morning
If all of our mornings started like this, an alarm clock wouldn’t be necessary.

The only cure for Wednesday blues is something adorable. This little trio should do the trick.

In a new video shared on Instagram and YouTube, a teeny tiny toddler can be seen playing with two teeny tiny black pug puppies. There isn’t much dialogue, unless you consider those cute noises to be the official language of Pugs.

*volume required* Can’t take the cuteness! Louie loves the pups!!

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Lucky for you, the toddler (Louie) and his puppies have an official Instagram, which means you will basically spend the rest of your work day looking at all the photos and videos some 67.2 followers have already seen.   This chill video was just posted a little while ago:

Just a chillin”

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And then there’s this early Halloween treat:


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Oh c’mon:

❤️Just came across this old clip of Baby Louie and his little puppy friends! Eeeeek! To cute

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Keep doing what you do, Louie and company.