#WCW: A Look at Birthday Girl Caitlyn Jenner’s Fabulous Style

Caitlyn Jenner, arguably one of the most famous transgender women in the world, has a lot to celebrate.

Since her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair in June, the Olympian has established a style that is as influential as her story. Jenner’s effortless elegance and bold sophistication deserves to be celebrated, and that is why she is this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

Everyone wants to watch Jenner live her truth. Just moments after debuting her Twitter handle under her new name, she amassed over one million followers in a little over four hours, setting a new Guinness Record and surpassing our very own United States President, Barack Obama. At this very moment, there are 4.6 million people following her Instagram profile. And Jenner’s TV series, I Am Cait, which documents her role as an LGBT activist, was just renewed for another season.

How has Caitlyn handled all of the attention, you ask? With perfect grace. Jenner has been traveling from place to place, reportedly shooting the December cover of Glamour magazine, attending anti-bullying and LGBT events, and supporting her daughter Kylie Jenner’s business ventures, all while looking glamorous as ever. She shows the world her confidence by taking fashion risks daily, choosing a chic maxi dress one day and a pair of badass leather pants the next.

With all that Jenner is doing, it is difficult to remember that this is only the beginning of her journey. Here’s to our #WCW on her birthday, we are eagerly waiting to see what she does with another amazing year.