Daniel Craig Thinks Niall Horan Would Make a ‘Fabulous’ James Bond

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Daniel Craig thinks One Direction's Niall Horan should be the next James Bond
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It’s Horan. Niall Horan.

If it was up to Daniel Craig, the One Direction singer would be suiting for the next James Bond flick. When asked in an interview with Capital FM, if Horan would make a decent Bond, the actor called him a “good man” and said he would be “absolutely fabulous” in the role.

He even offered some advice to Horan, or to whomever the future Bond actor could be, to simply enjoy the film and try to make it as memorable as they can. “That’s all I’ve ever tried to do with these films is just make the movies as memorable as possible,” he said. “Should I make another one or not make another one I’m proud of the four I’ve made.”

Ironically enough, back in 2013, Horan tweeted about being the next Bond:

Naturally, 1D fans approve since “#NiallForBond” started trending on Twitter. With One Direction disbanding soon, the 22-year-old is going to have a lot of time on his hands. So maybe acting could be his next project?