5 Things You Learn While On the Set of ‘FABLife’

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Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnant
Congratulations are in order!

With two expectant moms on the hosting panel, it’s no wonder FABLife goes all out when it comes to throwing a baby shower.

Celebuzz was on the set of the daytime talk show when Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Joe Zee, and Lauren Makk filmed their baby shower special for co-host (and ready-to-pop mama) Leah Ashley. From adorable onesies to sugary snacks that satiate any pregnant lady’s cravings, the show spared no expense when it came to fêting one of their own.

Here are five things we learned during the taping of the special episode:


A party isn’t complete without a few gifts! To celebrate Ashley’s new baby, over $180,000 worth of must-have merchandise was given away to audience members that day. (Pro tip: Those watching the episode at home on Oct. 29 will also have a chance to win themselves the same gifts.)

2. Pregnant women aren’t afraid to wear heels.

The show’s two expectant moms — Teigen, who recently announced that she’s expecting her first child with husband John Legend, and Ashley — both wore heels on set, proving that ladies from all walks of life can still rock their favorite stilettos.

3. Chrissy Teigen makes delicious food.

Duh! Not only did the foodie’s co-hosts all wanted to lick to bowl when she made cake batter popcorn for her cooking segments, but audience members went crazy for the sweet treat when Teigen offered to pass her creation around the set. Needless to say, the bowl was pretty much empty when it made it to the back row of the crowd!

4. Pregnant ladies do really need to pee a lot.

Being one with a bun in the oven herself, Ashley made sure the audience, which was all filled with women who are currently pregnant, had access to a restroom at all time. “Don’t even put your hand up,” she told to the crown in between takes. “Just go!”

5. Tyra Banks is professional AF.

There’s a reason why she has a career spanning over two decades. At one point, Banks’ co-hosts all joked that seeing her flub her lines always made them feel better about their own mistakes. “I love it when Tyra does it,” Teigen said. “Because I feel like I do it all the time!”

Want to see more? Be sure to tune into FABLife’s special baby shower episode on Oct. 29! Check your local listing at FABLife’s website.