WATCH: Hillary Clinton Loves Binge-Watching Political Dramas Like ‘The Good Wife’

Hillary Clinton Netflix and chills, just like us.

The Democratic presidential hopeful discussed binge-watching television on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, revealing she and Bill love watching shows like House of Cards, Madame Secretary, and The Good Wife

Obviously, we commend Clinton’s taste in television.

Asked by Stephen Colbert how she spent her 68th birthday on Monday (Oct. 26), Clinton explained she kept things chill and watched “bad TV,” suggesting that a day off from running for president is much like our own.

Colbert later brought up the DIY-Hillary costumes released by her campaign in honor of her 68th birthday, which she noted her team did without her knowledge. He ran some Clinton-inspired costumes (i.e. “Texts from Hillary” Hillary and “Cold Shoulder” Hillary) by her while she divulged her opinions.

Finally, Clinton discussed the middle-class, not bailing out big banks, running for her first term and not anyone’s third term, and much more: