Kristen Stewart Riding a Motor Scooter for ‘Personal Shopper’ Leads Today’s Star Sightings

Now that’s the perfect way to scoot around in Paris.

Kristen Stewart out filming a scene riding a motor scooter for the film Personal Shopper directed by French director Olivier Assayas in Paris, France.

French motorcycle racer Phillipe Monneret, who coached the star, said that Stewart had a three-hour driving session on Monday at a closed circuit track in Meudon to prepare. This was followed by one hour of real time driving on the Paris streets before Tuesday.

“She took to it, picked it up, real quickly. It seems to amuse her,” Monneret told People. “She’s really very athletic.”

Personal Shopper is a ghost story set in the fashion underworld in Paris.

The film is directed and written by Assayas, who directed Stewart in Sils Maria, and will feature similar themes to Sils Maria and will have a genre/fantasy component.

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