Check Out James Franco’s (Faux) Tattoo of Emma Watson

James Franco just did what everyone secretly wishes they could do. He got a (temporary) tattoo of Emma Watson’s face on his neck.

Not everyone wants to do that? Just us? Okay.

The 37-year-old actor posted an Instagram shot to his page with the cryptic caption, “I <3 Hermoine. Ink by @indiangiver.” Aside from spelling ‘Hermione’ wrong (Watson’s famous role from the Harry Potter films) he did manage to trick followers into questioning if it was a real tattoo or not.

I ❤️ Hermoine. Ink by @indiangiver

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Those too lazy to follow the link Franco included would have found out that the tattoo was actually the creation of mixed media artist Cheyenne Randall, who digitally adds tattoos to images of famous people throughout history. Over on his Instagram page, you’ll find a few more celebrities he’s ‘tattooed,’ from Winona Ryder to Bill Murray. Turns out Randall’s latest muse was James. Mystery solved!


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So, sorry to break it to all the Emma and James shippers out there (What would their couple name be? Emes? Jamma?) but as of now, there are no romantic ties between the former This Is The End co-stars.