Nick Lachey Reveals How Kids Have Changed His Life, Plans for Future Children

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Nick Lachey, the former lead singer of 98 Degrees, knows how to balance work and play. But did he and his wife, Vanessa Lachey, ever imagine that “play” would be “a good slide and jungle gym?” 

Although Nick has been busy promoting Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor Contest” and running Lachey’s Bar, his number one focus remains on his two children, three-year-old son Camden and 10-month-old daughter Brooklyn.

The 41-year-old speaks about his experience promoting Lay’s competition, telling Celebuzz, “The whole experience with Lay’s was a huge thrill for me.” His favorite part? Getting to be the one to tell the winner, Hailey Green, that her Southern Biscuits and Gravy flavor idea just won her a million dollars.

“I was honored to have been the one to let her know that,” he says. 

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When asked about how he and Vanessa, who is starring on NBC’s Truth Be Told, handle being working parents, Nick tells us, “It is a challenge. You have to walk that line and keep a balance.”

Though Nick admits his family “gets help where [they] need it,” the father-of-two says he’s “able to spend a little more time with the kids and take Camden to school in the mornings” when he’s not working. As Lachey puts it plainly, “Like any other working parents, you try and commit as much time as you can to you kids’ lives, but it’s also important to continue to focus on your professional commitments as well. We try to be as involved as we can as parents.”

The married couple has a lot on their plate, but do they still have time for date night?

“Well,” Nick says, “now with the kids, everything kind of changes.”

“I think a good day now is, you get the stroller and walk to the park and ride the merry-go-round. You find joy in whatever makes your kids happy,” he continues, laughing. “These days, that’s a good slide and jungle gym. It’s just about hanging out and spending some quality time together.”

As for having a daughter, Nick confesses little Brooklyn will always be a Daddy’s Girl.

“There’s something about that relationship between father and daughter. You always hear that, but until you have a little girl, you never really truly understand it,” he tells us. “She can do no wrong. I’m sure at some age that will change, but right now, she can do no wrong with Daddy.”

I mean yesterday she looked up at me, I came into the room to wake her up in the morning, and she said ‘Da-Da’. I mean, your day can’t start on a better note than that,” he notes, adding, “When Camden said it, it was adorable too.”

While it seems like everyone wants to see this perfect family grow, Nick hints they might not be adding to it anytime soon.

He says, “There are no plans, necessarily, for a third child. I’m very content with the two beautiful kids we have. I’m not going to say never. But, no imminent plans. I think right now we’re good where we are.”