Taylor Swift Files Countersuit Against Radio DJ for Allegedly Groping Her in 2013

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Taylor Swift took matters into her own hands on Wednesday (Oct. 28) when she filed a counterclaim against David Mueller for an alleged groping incident that happened backstage during the Red Tour in Denver in 2013.

In September, Mueller, a former radio host for Denver’s KYGO, sued Swift after claiming that the singer had falsely accused him for inappropriately touching her during a meet and greet attended by himself and his girlfriend. Mueller says he was fired from his job two days after the incident.

Swift’s countersuit, obtained by The Associated Press and PEOPLE, points fingers at Mueller and only Mueller, who claims his “superior” Eddie Haskell was behind the assault.

“Ms. Swift knows exactly who committed the assault — it was Mueller — and she is not confused in the slightest about whether her long-term business acquaintance, Mr. Haskell, was the culprit.”

The countersuit also details the alleged grope:

“[Mueller] intentionally reached under her skirt, and groped with his hand an intimate part of her body in an inappropriate manner, against her will, and without her permission.”

“Mueller did not merely brush his hand against Ms. Swift while posing for the photograph… He lifted her skirt and groped her.”

Swift is asking for a jury trial and will donate any money she may win from the suit to charities “dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard.”

Both Swift and Mueller’s reps have yet to comment on Wednesday’s countersuit.

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