WATCH: Justin Bieber Walks Out of Interview, Reveals ‘Purpose’ Tracklist via Graffiti

Don’t peeve the Bieb.

Running full throttle on the Purpose press tour, Justin Bieber hit a speed bump in an interview with a Spanish radio station where he was asked one too many questions. The “Where Are Ü Now?” singer entertained the translator’s inquiries of, “Do Ü have a girlfriend?”, “Do Ü like to drink?” and “Do Ü dress yourself?” before a request to participate in a video with a Spanish YouTube star with “hundreds of millions of followers” became the straw that broke the Bieber’s back.

“Hundreds of millions, eh?” he responds.


And then he walks off into the sunset. Watch in the video at the top of the page.

Bieber surprised fans ahead of his album’s Nov. 13th release by unveiling the full Purpose tracklist on Instagram in a stream of graffiti art snapped in locations around the globe. Launch the gallery below to scroll through the graffiti and pre-order Purpose here.