Instant Follow Friday: Halloween King Colton Haynes

Happy day-before Halloween!

We’re dubbing the man behind last year’s Princess Fiona (of Shrek fame) and this year’s Ursula (of Little Mermaid fame), Colton Haynes, the King of Halloween.

In case you didn’t know, now you know: his costumes are really amazing.

The smoldering Teen Wolf and Arrow star, whose all-American good looks and Abercrombie & Fitch model body has us swooning all year long, nails the Halloween costume game, inspiring us all to strive for more creativity with our own costumes.

Instead of dressing up as something classic like a shirtless cowboy or some kind of superhero (though we wouldn’t disapprove of either), Haynes opts for the more unconventional, and rather brutish of animated female characters.

Last year’s costume was beautiful. We’d love to be the Shrek to his Fiona:

His costume this year is likewise impressive:

Poor unfortunate souls #Ursula

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Of course, when he’s not dressed up as some Disney character, with full-on makeup we might add, Haynes is just a normal guy who takes humorously captioned selfies.

Marry me, Colton?

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