Allison Williams Loves Spanx, Sings Her Dog Lullablies to Fall Sleep

Celebrities: They’re just like us.

Allison Williams shares a detailed portrait of 24 hours in the New York City life of a Girls star in the December issue of Harper’s BAZAAR. Beginning at 9 A.M., Williams checks Twitter, checks her email, and checks her dog before beginning her day. She hits Pilates after munching on a bowl of Life cereal, admitting that she never looks like Alexa Chung when she leaves her apartment.

“I dress a little like I have multiple children. I’m all about ease and being quick.”

Still, she attributes Spanx as her wardrobe secret to looking flawless while out and about. “I wear them almost every day,” she tells Harper’s. “They have a little control top, so they’re flattering. I’ll often stay in exercise clothes all day, which I know is a faux pas.”

After running between meetings and doctor’s appointments, Williams returns home to scrounge up something for dinner, admitting that she’s not quite Top Chef material.

“I am the world’s worst cook.  Not only am I bad at it, but I also have some kind of inability to learn.  When I cook, the salad is done first and is soggy by the time you eat, the pasta is al dente, but not in a good way … It’s a nightmare, so I just order in.”

Before turning in for sleep, Williams sings “Edelweiss” to her dog Moxie which has been their nightly ritual since she was a puppy.

“She falls asleep the minute she hears it.”

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