Amber Rose Opens Up About Struggles With Depression, Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

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Amber Rose has a lot to get off her chest.

In her new book, How to Be a Bad Bitch, the model opens up about her struggles with depression and finding herself in a relationship when her boyfriend would constantly “belittle” her. Speaking about her childhood, Rose, 32, explains that she’s been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety since the age of 12.

“Depression definitely runs in my family so maybe it was hereditary. Or maybe it’s just how I’m wired,” she writes [via Daily Mail]. “My mom took me to the doctor. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me but I started having this feeling frequently, like everything was suddenly animated and I was in a different world.”

“I learned to start talking myself down. Amber, this is real life. You’re not in a movie right now. Everything is fine, just calm down. This is no big deal,” she continues, noting that “with a little practice I got to where I could manage my anxiety.”

“I eventually went to a doctor who diagnosed me with panic attacks and gave me medication for moments when I was having severe anxiety,” she adds. “If you’re feeling anything like this I definitely recommend that you go to a doctor. Like me, if you’ve been living with a problem like this for years, you might be amazed how much better you can feel.”

In the book, Rose also admits that she’s also had relationship problems in the past. The mom-of-one, who’s been linked to the likes of Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Machine Gun Kelly, confess that at times she was in denial of just how poorly her significant other had been treating her.

“There are men out there who will support you, love you and encourage you to be who you are — but until you find that man, you’ve gotta keep looking,” she pens. “The sad truth is love breeds denial on both sides … when the truth of someone’s actions is finally unveiled reality sinks in and you eventually realize that you know the whole time.

“You knew he wasn’t happy. You knew he was cheating. You just didn’t want to admit it,” she explains. “Men cheat, period. Maybe he hasn’t cheated on you yet, but there will come a time when most men do seek fulfillment outside the relationship, whether it’s with work, the gym or another woman.”

For Rose, she stresses that girls should find their own voice and have the strength to stand up for themselves.

“I have given away too much of my power in every relationship I’ve ever had,” she admits. “I’ve always had a lot of great ideas I didn’t do anything about because I let my significant other belittle me or tell me I shouldn’t go after them.”

“Instead of supporting me and motivating me to do better in life some men I’ve supposedly loved didn’t want me to pursue my dreams, because they inconvenience our relationship or make them insecure in their own accomplishments,” she writes. “Never again. I hope you ladies won’t let it happen to you, either.”