Amy Schumer Spills New Details About Her Movie with Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Add Two More to Their Epic Crew
This circle of friends just got a whole lot cooler...

Amy Schumer has new details about her movie with Jennifer Lawrence.

Although it’s only in the early writing stages, we’re sure their upcoming movie will be nothing short of awesome.

While at last night’s (Nov. 1) Hollywood Film Awards, Schumer had brand new deets to spill about her collaboration with J-Law, and apparently, she’s impressed with her friend’s writing abilities.

“Jennifer is a great writer,” Schumer told E! News. “She doesn’t play buy the rules. She can be out there in a really cool way where you thought that you understood a scene and then she’ll just kind of turn it. She’s great.”

In August, Lawrence revealed that she and the Trainwreck star are working on a script together. Right now, all we know is that the upcoming movie is a comedy about two sisters (played by Schumer and Lawrence.)

Amy also explained how she’s been a fan of Jennifer’s for years. “I love those movies,” Schumer said of The Hunger Games franchise. “My sister and I always go at midnight, night of release.”