Brad Pitt on Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy: ‘There Was No Vanity to My Wife’s Approach’

Brad Pitt Talks About Angelina Jolie's 'Scary Decision' in Rare Joint Interview
The notoriously private couple is opening up about their marriage...

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie talked about her double mastectomy in a rare joint interview, and in the process, revealed just how stable their marriage is.

The two stopped by the Today Show to talk to Tom Brokaw about their new movie, By the Sea as well as their life as a married couple.

The notoriously private couple opened up about Jolie’s difficult decision to undergo a double mastectomy, and then have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, when she found out she had a 87% risk of developing breast cancer and a 50% risk of ovarian cancer.

“You never know what a reaction is, you have to just make the choices you make in life. I made the choices I made because I believed they were right for me,” Jolie said.

“I was out in France and Angie called me, and I got straight on a plane to return. Seeing my wife have to be her strongest and knowing that it’s the scariest of news is terribly moving, and not being there is a horrible feeling,” Brad said when Jolie learned she was at risk of developing ovarian cancer. “There was no vanity to my wife’s approach. It was mature. ‘This is our life and we’re gonna make the best of it.’ There was a strength in that. It was just another one of those things in life that makes you tighter, and she was doing it for the kids, and she was doing it for her family so we could be together.”

Angelina’s mother, who died from cancer in 2007, told her doctor before she died to take Angelina’s ovaries out to prevent the same thing from happening to her. “We had some of the same nurses, some of the same doctors. So, the doctor that did my ovary surgery was my mother’s doctor. My mother had said to her, ‘Promise me you will take Angie’s ovaries out,’ and so, we kind of got together, we both had a big cry and she said, ‘I promised your mother. I’ve got to do this.'”

Watch Angelina and Brad’s emotional Today Show interview below.