Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Up About His Son

Cristiano Ronaldo Gets the Boot (Again)
Here we are, writing about Cristiano Ronaldo and shoes again...

Cristiano Ronaldo is opening up about what being a father means to him. 

The world-famous soccer player for Real Madrid, who usually keeps his private life out of the public eye, talks about fatherhood in a new movie about his life called Ronaldo.
“It was always my dream to have a child young, when I was 25. He’s changed the way I think, he’s always with me, supporting me,” Ronaldo told Efe.
 His five-year-old son, Cristiano Junior, whom Ronaldo has full custody of, was born on June 17, 2010, and the identity of his mother has been kept private.”It’s been incredible. I never imagined that my life would change so much,” he said.

Ronaldo also opened up about his lifestyle. “My father was also a solitary person. I am probably quite family minded, I suppose. That doesn’t mean I don’t have friends. Of course, I do but I have four or five real friends. That’s normal for me and I like it that way.”

Ronaldo premieres on Nov. 9.