Justin Bieber Fulfills Probation for Egging Neighbor’s House, Painted Walls and Picked Up Garbage

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This is not how we envisioned the Bieb's comeback.

And now for a break in concert cancellation in exchange for a letter of praise.

Justin Bieber finally has something to smile about this week after completing his probation for the vandalism misdemeanor filed against him in 2014 when he egged his neighbor’s house. TMZ reports that Bieber’s lawyer proved in court on Monday, Nov. 2 that the Purpose singer completed 12 hours of anger management counseling, 40 hours of community labor, and paid $90K in restitution fees.

Bieber’s advisor at Volunteers of America, the organization where he completed his community work, wrote a letter in high praise, nothing that he has been of “great help” and a “pleasure to have”.

“Mr. Bieber has been a great worker and addition to our center, while he was here he helped make our place baitable, he had no problem getting his hands dirty and moving heavy objects”, writes Donny Gomez from the homeless shelter, noting that the singer helped pick up garbage and paint walls.

“I truly believe he has learned his lesson and will be a productive member of society and a great human being.”

Read Bieber’s full letter of praise from over on TMZ. Launch the gallery at the top of the page to view the visual tracklist for his upcoming album, Purpose.