Kanye West Is a Mint Floss, Kashi Go Lean Kind of Guy

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kanye west and jay z in music video
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Kanye West really is just like us.

One of the most successful rappers in the world appreciates the little things in life, such as the best flavor of floss and the tastier kind of healthy cereals. This, and so much more, are included in Yeezy’s hotel rider as revealed by TMZ early Monday morning. And yes, Kanye’s BFF and fellow rapper Jay Z’s demands were also shared for all to see/critique/scoff at.

The hotel room itself must be 71 degrees for Jay Z, who also insists on three Mayan tuberose-scented candles (valued at a cool $80 each). Queen Beyoncé’s husband also prefers no “vacuuming near his room” (because let’s face it, who does?)

According to TMZ’s findings, Hova will likely cut you off if you ask for concert tickets.

Here are some other highlights of their alleged riders:

  • Kanye is a fan of cylindrical vases and black towels
  • Kanye’s hotel room should have a speaker (Genelecs 1031a) that is no longer manufactured. (Good luck to those responsible for finding said speaker).
  • Kanye’s beverage list include three bottles of Paradis Hennessy and 10 bottles of other things totaling a very affordable $3,200
  • Jay Z’s room needs to be stocked with Ace of Spades champagne and because he actually owns the bubbly company, he gets them for free. What a steal.
  • While there are no demands concerning North West‘s needs, Blue Ivy‘s dad has his room childproofed, which means everything from electrical outlets to statues (?) are covered up
  • The Carters also have organic whole milk in stock for Blue

So the next time you see these guys at a show, just know that they most likely are performing with minty fresh breath or the smell of free champagne, because that’s the best type of champagne.