Amy Schumer Hung Out with Lena Dunham, Rose Byrne and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Last Night

And you weren’t invited. Sorry.

What goes on in a girls’ night out when the girls include Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rose Byrne and their costume designer pal Lessa Evans?

According to evidence shared on Instagram by some of the ladies, requirements for a girls’ night out are as follows: comfortable, cozy clothing, a view of the sparkly city behind you, smiles (some with pearly whites), snuggly hugs, and a glowing mom-to-be.

It’s nice to love people

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The photo was also shared by Amy, who proclaimed, “How bout these cuties,” and Julia, who used the caption, “Wake up internets.” JLD also shared this epic ussie:

Just happy. @amyschumer

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Amy and company, setting new #friendshipgoals, one Instagram at a time.