Does Justin Bieber Hate His Fans?

Bieber vs. Fans
Watch Bieber yell at fans, storm off stage.

Justin Bieber’s Purpose promotional tour is going really, really well.

In the video above, Bieber can be seen singing his No. 1 hit, “What Do You Mean?” before stopping and demanding fans clap “on the right notes.” Pencils out: his clapping lesson begins at around the 2:33 mark.

Bieber goes on to finish the song (not always a guarantee), and in the grand scheme of things, this is not even close to the brattiest thing he has done recently. (Hey, clapping off the beat is slightly annoying, I guess?) But is this really what fans want or deserve when they take time out of their day to support this petulant man baby? Off-the-beat clapping happens during all live shows, but rarely do artists stop performing and berate their (quite young, it must be said!) fans for legitimately trying to get into the moment.

Watching the clip, one might wonder: does Bieber “secretly” detest his fans? Let’s take an objective look at some recent evidence that suggest he may, in fact, not like the very people who support his career all that much.

The verdict does not look good!

Maybe I’m wrong, though. Maybe this is all simply subtle promo for “Sorry,” for Bieber does love apologizing for his bad behavior. Which is fine, but let’s be real: with Adele blocking everyone who is not Adele from the summits of all charts, why even bother trying?