WATCH: Mark Ruffalo Tells His Kids He Ate Their Halloween Candy

Mark Ruffalo, you sneaky, sneaky man.

The Avengers star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about his Halloween weekend with his kids Keen (14), Odette (8) and Bella (10).

“We had several of their friends with us, and we went down the two blocks that allow Halloween in New York City,” Ruffalo joked. “It’s amazing how stingy New Yorkers are about Halloween… Maybe it was the neighborhood we were in.”

And, in classic Jimmy Kimmel fashion, Mark says he pulled the prank Jimmy’s been doing for years now– he told his kids he ate all their Halloween candy and captured their reaction on camera.

“Alright, I’m gonna tell the kids that I ate all their candy…” Mark begins his video, before shoving a candy bar in his mouth and walking into the next room. You’ll have to watch to find out what happened next.

Watch the video above to see Mark’s funny prank video!