WATCH: Rebel Wilson Talks ‘Pitch Perfect 3’: ‘This Pitch Will Be Back’

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Another celebrity couple bites the dust...

Thank the Pitch Perfect gods.

The always-funny Rebel Wilson stopped by to talk to Ellen DeGeneres about the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3 rumors, and it’s good news all around.

What we know so far is that Elizabeth Banks is set to direct the third film in the insanely popular franchise, with Anna Kendrick expected to return, as well. And now, you can count Rebel in, too.

Save the date pitches x

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“You’re doing Pitch Perfect 3?” Ellen asked. “Yes, this pitch will be back.” Rebel responded as the crowd went wild. “Wow! That’s fantastic,” Ellen answered. “And when will that happen?” “Well, we’ll film that next year, and in the mean time I’ve got this great romantic comedy coming out called How To Be Single. That’ll come out on Valentine’s Day,” Rebel revealed.

Rebel also talked about how she went fly boarding in Ibiza and rode a camel in Dubai in her recent trips abroad. “I didn’t actually know I was being photographed at the time because I thought, ‘I’m in a strange country on holidays,’ and then now I’ve got the new nickname: ‘White Legs Wilson,’ I don’t like that nickname,” she told Ellen.

Fly boarding in Ibiza …still feeling the rush x

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