Here’s Proof That Kim Kardashian Photoshops Her Instagram Photos

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kim kardashian selfie
CREDIT: Instagram
Kim Kardashian: "No Photoshop Necessary!"
The reality insists she didn't digitally slim down her waist.

While the rest of us rely on filters to enhance our photos, Kim Kardashian takes editing her Instagram pictures to a whole other level.

The reality star accidentally let the cat out of the bag when an edited photo of her from sister Kendall Jenner‘s 20th birthday party surfaced online. Though Kardashian, 35, shared a digitally altered snapshot of her kissing husbandKanye West inside a photo booth on her Instagram, an unretouched version of the same photo was shared on her official Facebook page — essentially outing the mom-of-one for doctoring her picture.

While the unedited photo was quickly deleted from Kardashian’s Facebook account, fans proved that nothing could ever be erased from the internet and immortalized selfie queen’s big slip-up with a GIF highlighting the before-and-after effects of Photoshop.

kim kardashian photoshop gif before and after kanye west kiss

As you can see, there is a noticeable difference around Kardashian’s jawline and head after it was put through Photoshop. It seems that Kardashian’s neck has been slimmed down and her flyaways have been cleaned up in the doctored photo.

Hey, what did you expect from a girl who got paid to publish a book of her selfies?

[h/t: People]