This Baby’s Reaction to Adele’s ‘Hello’ Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

2 Million?
Adele is coming for Britney Spears' crown.

Hello. It’s baby.

The second most important video related to Adele’s “Hello” this week comes from an adorable toddler named Jalal. On a recent afternoon, the little tyke was hanging out with his dad on the couch when the familiar opening of the record-breaking hit came on.

The video, posted by Jalal’s proud papa on Wednesday, is only 9 seconds long, which means you have absolutely no excuse not to watch it.

In related Adele news, it’s still unclear whether or not the 27-year-old songstress will make 25 available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple. The New York Times reported today that these companies are still waiting for the “final word” from Team Adele one year after Taylor Swift yanking her library off Spotify.

Good luck to everyone involved.

25 arrives Nov. 20.