Five Autumn-Appropriate Dessert Recipes From Some of the Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Forget the Pumpkin Spice Latte and get your hands dirty in the kitchen this fall.

Don’t worry– we did all the research by finding five perfect autumn recipes. As the leaves fall, spend the day inside by the fire munching on one (or all) of the sweet delicacies below.

Luckily, YouTube is filled with tons of cooking channels with some scrumptious recipes, from pinwheel cookies to pumpkin cinnamon rolls perfect for entertaining guests or simply stuffing your face while binge-watching something on the couch.

Let’s get into it!

1. Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen

There’s a reason Laura Vitale has one of the most well-known cooking channels on YouTube. Her over two million subscribers can tell you she’s quite the genius in the kitchen, and is really fun to watch. This pumpkin pull apart bread will have your mouth watering and visions of pumpkins dancing in your head.

2. S’MORES PIE RECIPE | Chocolate Marshmallow Pie Dessert – My Cupcake Addiction

We can’t guarantee you won’t be addicted to Elise’s channel after watching her make this ooey-gooey amazing s’mores pie. This lovely Aussie’s channel is massively popular because of the mouthwateringly amazing videos she uploads of desserts on a regular basis.

3. Pinwheel Cookie Recipe – SORTED Food

Fall is a time when it’s not really freezing, but not hot. A bit of winter mixed with spring. Sorta like… pinwheel cookies! Watch the talented (and cute) guys of SORTED Food make these adorable chocolate and vanilla pinwheel cookies that surely won’t last long in your house.

4. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Like No Other – Everyday Food

We know there are two pumpkin recipes on this list, but during fall, it’s only expected. Can you imagine the heavenly smell of pumpkin cinnamon rolls floating from your oven? Food wiz Sarah Carey shows you how it’s done.

5. Easy Gingersnap Cookies – How to Make Crispy or Chewy Gingersnaps – Food Wishes

Gingersnaps are a classic cold weather cookie. Let Chef John show you how to make them so you don’t show up to your family’s holiday party with something disappointing. Crispy, chewy or however you like them, fall wouldn’t be fall without gingersnaps.

There are so many cooking channels on YouTube that will give you the inspiration you need to whip up something in your own kitchen, and these are just a few of our favorites.

So, get to cooking!