LISTEN: Chris Brown Doesn’t Care About Your Job, Wants to ‘Sex You Back To Sleep’

“…You up?

Don’t be alarmed by the subtle nudging in your bed at 3 A.M. It’s not your dog seeking attention or your child looking for food, but instead, it’s Chris Brown looking for some comforting midnight nookie in his new single “Sex You Back To Sleep”. He knows that you have an early wake-up call, so he’ll be gentle. “Just let me rock, sex you back to sleep girl,” he croons. “Don’t say a word, no, don’t you talk. Just hold on tight to me girl.”

His carnal desires are pressing, so sorry not sorry, but your career goals and personal days will just have to take a back seat whether you’re in REM sleep or not.

“Call sick in the morning, so I can get a little bit more of your love.”


“Sex You Back To Sleep” is Brown’s first single off of his upcoming album Royalty, which is named after his 1-year-old daughter with Nia Guzman. Listen to the new track in the player below.