Justin Bieber Had Another Meltdown That Involved Him Flipping a Chair

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Justin Bieber had another melton that involved him flipping a chair in France
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Hey Justin Bieber, you OK?

He can’t quite seem to hold on to his cool. Less than a week after he yelled at his fans and stormed off stage at one of his concerts, the singer had another meltdown (this time in France) that was caught on camera.

In the video, we can see the Biebs eating lunch with a friend when he suddenly becomes visibly annoyed. He then stands up, flips a chair, and walks out of the restaurant.

Shortly after, the “Sorry” singer took to Twitter to clarify what had happened, but didn’t really make himself look any better. He also accused Perez Hilton of lying.

He later went on to retweet fans’ tweets to him joking about flipping chairs. A lot of them made light out of the situation by joking that they would flip chairs to showcase their excitement for Bieber’s upcoming album, Purpose.

We guess that’s a good way to handle your own PR?