Caitlyn Jenner Named ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ by ‘Out’ Magazine

Let this article be evidence enough that this title was warranted.

Out magazine has named Caitlyn Jenner “Newsmaker of the Year” on their 2015 “Out 100” list. She spoke with the magazine upon receiving her title the day after her name and gender had been legally changed. “In some ways, it’s a little sad. Bruce was a good guy, did a lot of good things, raised a tremendous family and wonderful kids,” she says. “But I just couldn’t play that game any longer.”

Jenner speaks on the loneliness that manifested from living her life as a male for over 60 years when she felt that this identity was a lie. “I want to be excited about life always. For the longest time, I was not,” reveals the I Am Cait star. “I isolated myself from the world. I never felt like I fit in anywhere. Today that’s all changed.”

“I’m so terribly excited about the future. I have so many things to do. I feel like I have a place in life.”

Jenner ranks on the “Out 100″ among BFF Candis Cayne, Raven-Symone, and Carrie Brownstein. Read the rest of her article over on and launch the gallery at the top of the page to view photos of her lunch with another “Out 100″ honoree.