Somewhat Problematic Rapper Azealia Banks Cancels Tour (Again), Is Under Investigation for Assault

She's Got 99 Problems
And these recent remarks are def one.

Azealia Banks is from the 212, which is fitting, for she has just canceled her tour for what feels like the 212nd time.

After “rescheduling” a joint tour with artist K. Michelle in August (Michelle dropped out, there was beef), Banks announced last night that her current rescheduled tour will be “rescheduled” once again. (Let’s call a spade a spade: it’s canceled. Coins are being refunded.)

Though Banks cites being “very busy at work” as the reason for the change, it is perhaps more than coincidental that hours after announcing the “postponement” of the tour, footage of Banks apparently assaulting a security guard at the Break Room 86, a club in Los Angeles, was obtained and released by TMZ. Watch below.

Banks has yet to comment on the footage, but the LAPD is reportedly investigating a criminal battery investigation. The story goes that Banks and her crew were asked to leave the club after becoming “unruly.” Banks did not take too kindly to this, attempted to pull the club’s fire alarm, and was grabbed by security. Cue the physical altercation.

It has not been a good year-slash-career for Banks, who recently came under fire for calling the LGBT community the “gay white KKK,” allegedly assaulting an airline passenger after calling a flight attendant a “f*ggot,” beefing with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Miley Cyrus, and setting to private her constantly problematic Twitter account before reactivating it only a day later. And that’s just in 2015 alone. Still, if you were hoping to catch her live set — if, perhaps, you like the rush of danger and want to increase your chances of being punched in the face — Banks is still set to play New York City’s Terminal 5 on November 19.