Mug-Lover Demi Lovato Weighs in on Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy

Demi and Nick
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Demi Lovato’s Confident may be tumbling down the charts, but her thoughts on cups and mugs and all things meant to hold beverages continue to soar.

You may have heard that a small, particular faction of Christians are very upset with coffee chain Starbucks. Why? Oh, because Starbucks’ new holiday cups just aren’t Christmas-y enough. On these solid red cups you will find no depiction of Baby Jesus in his manger or three old wise men or even a simple snowman or tree ornament. It’s a very important story happening in the world right now.

And as with most important stories, experts need to be called to weigh in. Cue Lovato, who earlier this year, notoriously professed her love for mugs in rather embarrassing viral interview. So, what does Lovato have to say about Starbucks’ minimalist red cups? She spoke out on Twitter earlier today.

That’s this controversy settled. Thanks, Demi. Your thoughts on mugs are always appreciated. It takes a real confident woman to speak truth to power like that.