Amanda Seyfried Stresses Out About Waxing Her Legs

But don’t we all?

Beauty queen Amanda Seyfried shared her beauty hacks in Glamour magazine’s December issue as the new face of Givenchy’s new Live Irresistible scent.

The actress’s favorite going-out beauty look is a classic smoky eye. “I like elongating my eyes. I put on eyeshadow, then several coats of mascara. And a touch of Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer in Ivory, because I get red dots all the time—my skin is so sensitive.” Seyfried prefers the scent of Old Spice on her man, but says that her favorite-smelling place on earth is the space right next to her mother.

“She doesn’t wear any perfume; she just smells like my mum. It’s her hair; it’s her being. She just smells like home.”

The actress reveals that her beauty regime is lower maintenance than most would assume. “During the day I’ll spend two minutes in the morning and two minutes before bed, and another five minutes if I am going out at night,” she says. “Just the pressure of having to wax my legs every three weeks is enough for me!”

Read more about Amanda’s beauty tips on or in the December issue of Glamour on newsstands right now. Launch the gallery at the top of the page for 10 reasons that will make you fall in love with Ms. Seyfried immediately.