Ellie Goulding Flaunts Boobs & Six Pack Abs on the Cover of ‘Shape’ Magazine

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Oh, hey Ellie!

Ellie Goulding, who recently performed at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, opened up to Shape magazine about her bangin’ body for their December issue.

The singer tells the magazine being skinny was never her goal– she’s all about being fit and strong. And if you check out her amazing six-pack abs, you’ll know she’s all business.

“Being healthy, to me, means having a good balance and understanding that it’s unhealthy to be obsessed with being healthy,” the 28-year-old tells Shape.

“Eat well, eat things that you know are good for you as much as possible. Also, don’t be tough on yourself when you have something that’s not that healthy.”

Ellie Goulding Shape
CREDIT: Shape magazine

As for her favorite workouts right now, Ellie says she goes for boxing or Barry’s bootcamp. “I think they’re both really, really good for cardio, and just good for the mind, as well. That’s kind of how I justify for eating whatever I want– as long as I’ve worked out really hard in the morning,” she says.

“I’m never ashamed to talk about my past. I smoked for a long time. I still drink alcohol. I believe you have to find balance. We’re expected to stay fit and eat healthy all the time, but that’s just never going to happen. We all have to deal with stress. Sometimes at the end of the day, I want to have a drink, and I’m not ashamed of that.”